Moroccan Food Guide

A few weeks ago, we traveled to Morocco to celebrate Karen’s birthday by glamping in the Moroccan desert. We spent over a week driving across the country, seeing all the sights, and eating all the foods of Morocco. This guide outlines what you can expect to eat while traveling to Morocco.

Moroccan Mint Tea – Moroccan Mint Tea is served everywhere at all times of the day. Brewed with fresh mint leaves, the tea is typically sweetened with raw sugar. You’ll notice that when the tea is served, usually your host will hold the teapot really, really high above the glass, causing a waterfall of tea to fill its glass. It is customary that the more bubbles, the better the tea, which is why the pouring technique is so predominant.

Tagine – By far, the most popular and common dish in Morocco. A Tagine is a special ceramic vessel that is used to cook the dish, usually over fire. The heavy cover helps to keep the meat moist. The tagine acts as both the vessel for cooking and serving. You’ll find tagines of all sorts of varieties: beef, lamb, chicken, fish, vegetables, you name it. Some of the most common flavor combinations you’ll encounter are beef and prune tagine, as well as chicken with olives and preserved lemon.

Tangia – This dish mainly found in Marrakech but was the best thing we ate in all of morocco. This dish is only prepared by men. Meat is cooked in a pottery vessel (different than a tagine) low and slow. It is usually dropped off to cook at the stoked fires that heat Hammans, which are like Turkish baths. The meat is incredibly tender and can be served with bread or rice.


Pastilla – A meat pie wrapped in a paper-thin crust, similar to phyllo dough. This dish was initially made with pigeon meat. Now, you can find pastilla filled with chicken or fish. It is made with almonds and cinnamon, giving it a sweet flavor.

Couscous – A wheat pasta rolled by hand and cut very small. Couscous is served hot in a large mound, usually with meat, and vegetables on the sides. It usually is topped with sweet raisins and a sauce on the side as well.


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